Atlanta Meetup on blockchain mobile app development

Are you interested in crypto development or mobile app development on a blockchain platform?

This week we are hosting Russ Fustino, Microsoft MVP and Developer Advocate on Blockchain for Algorand. A former Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, as well as for Russ’ ToolShed, Xamarin, Raygun, Wowza & ComponentOne, Russ is also a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer software developer, and author of the book “Azure and Xamarin Forms,” (Apress)

Ready to learn more about Algorand and Blockchain App Development?

Join the Atlanta Mobile Developers Group this week on Tuesday March 16th from 6pm-8pm EST as we learn from Russ Fustino:

* How to build blockchain solutions in Xamarin and C# (Algorand mobile app development).
* How-to access tools for Getting Started on Algorand development.
* How to access developer portal resources including, SDKs, REST APIs, Command Line Tools, Tutorials, Solutions, Getting Started, and Articles
* Benefits of Algorand’s Reward and Ambassador programs

To register for the event go to “Blockchain for Mobile Developers” .