EcoFriendly startups started leveraging Algorand Blockchain

Global Warming is becoming a harsh reality now we can see the effects of this on our day to day life. So many countries are taking steps to counter it but it won’t be possible until our industries & normal people like us start to adopt eco-friendly technology. 

Today, we are talking about two startups. The first one of them is helping big corporations become carbon-neutral, The second is making people aware of what type of air they are breathing with their sensors. Now both of these startups are leveraging the Algorand Blockchain to level up their technology to combat Global warming. 

What is climate trade ??

Solving Global Warming is not an easy task. Without the help of industries solving Global warming, it is just a dream. Industries should reduce their carbon emissions or if possible they should go for carbon-neutral, but choosing this path looks so costly for industries that’s where ClimateTrade comes into the picture. ClimateTrade helps industries to reduce their carbon emissions and also helps them to become a carbon-neutral company which will impact our environment positively. 

How does ClimateTrade do that ??

This looks promising when we read about ClimateTrade but how does ClimateTrade help companies to achieve carbon-neutral status, let’s looks into this, 

ClimateTrade Marketplace:- their marketplace offers businesses a clean and eco-friendly option to get their work done, where lots of expertise are available in their marketplace to offer their work for various companies according to them. 

Sustainability Report:- Climate Trade creates a Non-financial report to analyze their expenses and help them to identify carbon footprint after that team of experts works with the company to offset the unnecessary carbon emissions from that companies and also help to get carbon neutral services for companies. 

Helps to make product & services carbon neutral:- they have created a unique API which helps companies to offer their product and services to go carbon neutral and helps them to keep all the reports of all transactions which will help them to create sustainability report which will also help them to improve their carbon neutral product in long term. 

Visit ClimateTrade for more information related to ClimateTrade. 

How Alogrand helps ClimateTrade??

ClimateTrade needs to be transparent to achieve a great trust level in this ecosystem and their product and services need to be fast and secure. Achieving all these things with current financial systems is not possible. Not every blockchain is capable of supporting this kind of startup. 

Recently, ClimateTrade partnered with Algorand Blockchain and also received funding of €1 million from Borderless Capital to expand in various countries in full force. They choose Algorand Blockchain because it’s fast (can handle 1,000 TPS), transparent (Algorand is an open blockchain), secure ( Algorand uses pure proof-of-stake consensus), which makes it ultimately Scalable for any kind of use in day to day life. 

What is PlanetWatch ??

Due to air pollution, more than 7 million die every year. One of the major reasons why this happens is because people don’t know how toxic the air in which they breathe is.

To solve this issue, Planetwatch is trying to create an ecosystem of air sensors that will identify the hotspots of places that are highly polluted and not good for health. This will help people to know when they are in one of the hotspots so that they can take necessary actions. 

How will they do that ??

Creating an ecosystem that depends on normal people is not easy, why will people use it? This is one of the major concerns, people who know the importance of an air quality index will use it, but a large number of people do not care about it. PlanetWatch introduced rewards features when you join the ecosystem, making you eligible to earn rewards for your contribution to the ecosystem. The air sensor takes readings which are rewarded in their native token.

Currently, there are two types of sensors that are available to use. One of them is used to track outdoor air pollution which you will always carry with you and contributes to the ecosystem, the other one is an indoor sensor which is for your home and offices which tracks the air quality indoor. Tracking indoor air quality is also important because we spent most of the time indoor at home or offices. 

Algorand completes the ecosystem of PlanetWatch 

PlanetWatch is leveraging Algorand Blockchain to store the air pollution data into immutable ledger technology which keeps the data forever and makes it accessible to everyone in the ecosystem. 

PlanetWatch also created their native Planet token using ASA ( Alogrand Standard Asset) to reward everyone in the ecosystem for their contribution.


Today, every new startup which is looking to leverage blockchain technology is looking to partnerships with Algorand Blockchain to leverage its high-end blockchain technology, its speed, security, and scalability. Algorand has a long list of partners belonging to various fields and now Eco-Friendly startups are partnering with Algorand.