How Governments & Public Sector organisations are utilising Algorand Blockchain

Governments & Public Sector organisations are working to improve the system for the public & for themselves to handle in various fields including financial system and data management which is most sensitive nowadays, that’s why they are adopting new technologies to improve the system.

Nowadays, new technologies like Blockchain can be used to improve the current system which can benefit everyone. Algorand is one of the most trusted and most advanced blockchain in the industry that’s why governments & public sector are choosing Algorand to implement blockchain in the current system. 

In this article we will find how Governments & public sector are utilising algorand blockchain to improve the current system. 

Marshall Islands & SOV 

Marshall Island, officially known as Republic of the Marshall Islands, is an island country and an associate state of the United States near the Equator in the Pacific Ocean, slightly west of the International Date Line. [Ref]

Marshall Island is a country which believes in the future of technologies & a country which is ready to use blockchain. The country also believes in an open financial system. Marshall Island is the first country to adopt national digital currency. This currency is known as SOV, will circulate alongside the US dollar and help Marshall Island to achieve efficiency and sustainability in the global market.

Algorand & Marshall Island’s SOV 

SOV digital currency is utilising Blockchain technology, so they need to work with blockchain project & Algorand is chosen to power world’s first national digital currency, because Algorand has the best functionality to handle digital currency which is going to use globally & additionally Algorand protocol is chosen for its speed, scalability, security & its ability to handle digital currency effectively on global scale. 

Fondazione Ugo Bordoni will advance blockchain initiative 

Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) was founded in 1952 the foundation is named after Ugo Bordoni he was a professor in the engineering department from the University of Rome. The Foundation supports scientific research and applications of telecommunications and information technology Established within the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications under the Italian government.

The foundation is actively helping government bodies in innovative fields like ICT with their design and implementation, and with the identification of countrywide system policies in the field.


FUB choosed Algorand Blockchain 

FUB always promote new innovation in the field of telecommunications and they know blockchain is the future in so many fields, So they want to leverage it first and will use whenever they find an opportunity to use it in the field, for that they need a blockchain which is really capable of handling the operations and also secure to work with big organisations.

In research, Alogrand is way ahead in technical advantages when compared with other blockchain offerings with the same concepts, advantages which makes Algorand Blockchain most interesting to be used in experimenting with innovative applications and services for citizens, businesses and public administrations. FUB is committed to support and implement the activities of 5G, in the investigation of the potential of AI and in the design and management of digital networks and services.

Algorand is the best choice to work with all the future initiatives of FUB in the field, the blockchain met all the requirements by the foundation like security, efficiency, real decentralization and low energy expenditure. 

SIAE making copyright management easy with blockchain. 

SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) was founded in Milan in 1882, is a public economic institution and membership base for the management of copyright, SIAE is ranked 6th in world, as confirmed by the data of the Global Collections Report 2018, published by CISAC (Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Auteurs et Compositeurs). SIAE releases 1.2 million licenses every year for the use of works protected by it, which guarantees the payment of authors and publishers for their work. SIAE also actively promotes Italian culture and creative industries with economic incentives to numerous artists initiatives. 

How SIAE is leveraging ALGORAND??

SIAE is leveraging Algorand for the development of a new open ecosystem for copyright management, made possible with Algorand’s high performance blockchain platform.

SIAE previously worked with HyperLedger to leverage their technology but shifted to Algorand because of its decentralized and scalable solutions which is unique in the industry. Algorands PPoS makes the blockchain more decentralise, scalable and secure which is perfect for handling and managing copyright management. 

The collaboration between ALGORAND & SIAE makes a robust system for copyright management to create new open and accessible solutions, further improving efficiency and intermediation activity.


Algorand is proving that it’s blockchain technology is best in the industry that even governments & public sector organisation are utilising its technology, so many startups are choosing Algorand over other existing blockchain’s, At the end I would like to say the Speed, scalability & decentralisation is the core of Algorand Blockchain which will benefit everyone using it.