Make your stocks decentralise with MESE on ALGORAND

We all know that we can buy/sell and our favorite crypto in a decentralized manner. Have you ever imagined this about stocks? Your initial response is probably, this is not possible, but you can think again. 

In this post, I will introduce you to MESE and how with Algorand, this is both possible and simple. 

What is MESE ??, the Microequity Stock Exchange, is the world's first microequity exchange that allows micro participation in the global tech equity market. Our microequities are digital Algorand ASA tokens and represent 1/10,000th of the actual value of high value technology company stocks. Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Netflix are the initial listed microequities, and are 100% backed by actual stocks as the underlying assets of value.

For the first time in history,  anyone can share in the growth of the most stable and advanced technology companies in the world!

They are aiming to become an Microfinance platform and MESE is coming from the ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN (ARCC) which is a Microfinance platform aiming to solve Global Inequality. If you want to know more about ARCC visit The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve, …

Problems with traditional stock market 

The stock market is great and has changed the lives of so many people. Whenever we talk about investing, we think about stocks but it’s not easy to use it because there are so many entry barriers which need to be solved. 

Limited to countries,

The biggest problem I found with the stock market is that if we want to invest in any outside company which is listed in that country only, it’s simply not possible if the amount is small. It’s easy for big investors but when it comes to small and medium investors like us then it’s not possible to simply go and buy that specific stock. It is not easy if you are planning to buy other countries stocks. 

High entry fees….

So now you can’t buy other countries' stock, then you think about buying in your country, you find great stocks and you plan to buy them. You find that first you have to open a Demat Account with your bank. This is time consuming and expensive with high charges to open a Demat account. In addition, you are also charged to hold stocks in Demat accounts. There are maintenance charges and there are also charges to buy and sell stock.  All of these charges and barriers make you think twice before opening a Demat account. This makes it extremely difficult for small investors to buy and trade stocks. 

Doesn’t support 24/7 concept

Unlike the cryptocurrency market, the stock market opens and closes every day, normally opening at 9 am in the morning and closes at 3 or 4 pm. This does not afford the investor as much flexibility as the Cryptocurency market.  The stock market opens and closes during a general workday so this also creates a barrier to entry as smaller investors do not have the required time during their own working days to trade. The stock market is also closed on weekends and on national holidays. 

High share prices & not fractional …

If you navigate the traditional difficulties I outlined above, and you are happy to trade on the stock market, you encounter the high share prices and substantial investment required to attain shares in the top worldwide tech companies.  The traditional stock market does not facilitate buying micro shares and you can only buy a full share. The expensive share price makes this a barrier and very difficult  for many investors.

My experience with stock market,

When I was 16, I wanted to buy stocks of Apple, Microsoft & FaceBook.  I started researching about how I can buy them and found that they are US companies and traded only on the US stock market. As I live in India this is not possible. There are options where I can buy these stocks but again there are annual subscriptions which are really expensive. At that moment, I was planning to invest savings from my  pocket money it was not possible for me to get them in my portfolio.

Stocks are part of a centralized system where you can easily be blocked by government or financial institutions. 

Solutions by MESE…

MESE is really a revolutionary platform. It offers solutions to all the problems of the traditional stock market. So let’s know all of them,

Globally accessible..

MESE is not limited to any country it’s available all over the world except a few countries which don't support blockchain or have a ban on it. The number of countries not supporting it is really low so makes it available almost to everyone. 

No entry fees & available fractionally 

Unlike open fee based Demat accounts, opening an MESE account is absolutely free and doesn’t include any hidden charges. They offer Micro equity which means 1 share is divided into 10000 fractions which makes it cheaper than the actual price with all the benefits of buying an actual share and holding all the gain as it represents actual stocks but in fractions. Like if any limited share has 300$ then in MESE you can buy that stock only at 0.03 $ which is 3 cents & there is no charge on holding your stocks in the wallet. 

24/7/365 trading

There are no trading halts on MESE platform, trading on MESE is always on, so you can buy anytime you want to buy your favourite stocks whenever you want. Trading is also on weekends and there are no holidays in trading so whenever you have free time simply login and trade it’s that simple.

Build on Algorand Blockchain,

Algorand is really a powerful blockchain & MESE is a great platform when they both come together it’s really a great product. Algorand is capable of handling 1000 transactions per second so there is no compromise with the speed. You can hold your micro stocks in the Algorand wallet which makes your stock decentralized and safe in your private wallet unlike traditional stocks which aren’t safe and can be censored anytime. You can even transfer it to anyone else if you want, which gives you more flexibility and better value. 

How to trade on MESE,

Trading in MESE is so simple like you ever traded on cryptocurrency exchange, buying and selling your favourite stock is so easy. Simply visit , create an account and trade your favourite stocks whenever you want. 

As it based on blockchain, you can decentralise your stocks, so only you can own your stocks and no one can censor your holdings. 


Buying and selling stocks in a traditional way is not easy. You can simplify things and get your stocks without any extra charge and with confidence of a decentralised system with the MESE platform.