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Paypal - 2161 North First Street San Jose, 95131 San Francisco
Oct 19 - 20, 2019, 6:00 PM (MST)

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The Algorand Blockchain - Decentralized and for Developers  

Algorand is a new blockchain built on a Permissionless, pure proof of stake, decentralized agreement protocol, where anyone can participate and requires minimal computational power. This protocol finalizes transactions very quickly and offers true decentralization.

For developers the Algorand blockchain provides JavaScript, Java, and Go SDKs. Additionally REST endpoints are provided for interacting with the nodes and handling wallet functions. These REST endpoints are based on the OpenAPI Specification and can be used to build clients in any language.

In this talk I will cover the basics of how the Algorand protocol works, cover the architecture overview, managing the node with the command line tools, and show developers how to integrate using the SDKs to build Layer 2 applications.


  • Russ Fustino

    Russ Fustino


    Technical Evangelist

    As a Technical Evangelist for Algorand, I am excited to help many software developers build solutions on Blockchain. Today, there is a massive opportunity to reboot the financial systems of the world. Algorand is excited to have built a blockchain that delivers all three properties of Security, Scalability and Decentralization. Some say that Blockchain has the promise of being even more impactful than the internet itself.

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    October 19 - 20
    6:00 PM (MST)


    2161 North First Street San Jose95131


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