Harry Boer

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About Me

Harry Boer is passioned about decentralized systems and solutions. At first, both during and after my study in Geochemistry, I did a lot of data analysis and occasionally wrote some scripts. After two post-doc studies in Mineral Economics and Financial Management, I left the geosciences completely and worked for years in the financial / economic sector. During my work as a senior research analyst I wrote many algorithms in Python to study the development of the financial markets. Later I programmed a few things in Golang and the combination of financial/economic and software development expertise is now very useful to me in DLT land. Since the publication of Dr. Gavin Wood's Yellow Paper on Ethereum I have fully immersed myself into DLT. In the beginning I wrote some smart contracts in Solidity (just for fun). However, since I prefer to program in Go rather than in the JS-like Solidity, I switched to both the permissioned Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) blockchain and the non-permissioned IOTA DAG. In 2016 I won a $ 24,000 prize awarded by IBM during a blockchain hackathon. I recently worked on a six month project as a senior blockchain developer for ABN-AMRO Clearing Bank on their HLF blockchain in production. I am currently working on some projects with the intention of developing blockchain solutions in the health-sector. The most important project is the Remote Patient Monitoring project for which we want to develop a DLT solution. I have a strong feeling that Algorand blockchain technology, with its solution to the Blockchain trilemma, will play an important part in that.

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