Kevin de Lucas Rodríguez

  • KYK Company (Zona Zero), RolePlay Server´s on Games (KYK)
  • Madrid
  • Computer Games

About Me

I consider myself a pretty strong person, I will never ever give up. Whatever happened, I'll be here. And how much I fall, so I'll get up Really, everything is a course in life. Some will think it is easy, others not. Some will believe that everything comes alone, and others know what not. The only and most important thing in this life, be who you want to be, do what you want, and be who you want to be. The future, what is together. Algorand. *Spanish* Realmente, todo es un transcurso en la vida. Algunos pensarán que es fácil, otros que no. Algunos creerán que todo llega solo, y otros saben qué no. Lo único y más importante en esta vida, sé quién quieras ser, haz lo qué desees, y sé quién quieras ser.