Bit Savage

  • ADOR PCDC Auction House LLC, Manager
  • Los Angeles
  • Education Management
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About Me

Mark aka "BitSavage" is a renown Visual artist and film maker. With major success in the Film & Art industry he decided to become financially literate and expand his knowledge of business. Early 2017 Bitcoin's meteoric rise revealed a passion that had been dormant in Mark for sometime. Turns out cryptocurrency became the epicenter for his personal metamorphosis! Art, technology, community, gaming and finances create the perfect recipe for success in Mark's eyes. With years of research and in-field experience Mark now knows how to effectively navigate the volatile industry of CRYPTO. He has has the pleasure to advise and consult with a few leaders in the industry and now has the privilege of buiDLing his own platform that deals with Virtual Identity, Items and Immutable provenance. He is a true blockchain gamer and Non-Fungible Connoisseur! Mark's Chain Agnostic approach is quickly forming into an industry standard that anyone can follow. His vision is to fully embrace the Digital ERA and use it to better humanity and operate in ethical & sustainable ways. How we treat each other and the environment, is a reflection of our personal character. Be the change you wish to see in the world, cherish the eternal moment. Peace & Love