Bryan Rice

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  • Arlington
  • Management Consulting
Crypto · Running · Staking · spirituality · Community Building

About Me

2021 will be the best year ever! Those may be bold words from your perspective, but let's look at this together and see how great it will be. Technology, tools and much more is at your fingertips. The opportunity to put your health and vitality first place is literally right in front of you. Over the last 2 years, I have absolutely crushed my intended outcomes and reversed literally decades habits and beliefs in the topic. Here's the thing, it doesn't need to take 2 years; I want to show you how. The opportunity to upgrade your wealth and embrace the opportunities held in abundance around you is staggering. The challenge is tuning into that frequency. You will see a theme here. While it took me over two years to get to this point, I learned through trial and error. It will take you much less. The third area is having incredible & amazing relationships that feed your soul and fulfill your purpose. You guessed it, the time it took me was much longer, but it doesn't need to be that way for you.