Sergio Caserta

CRM · b2b marketing · contact management · customer experience

About Me

Sergio works as a consultant applying innovative technologies, systems, and processes to meet business goals. After graduate school Sergio worked for a bank (IT department), several systems integration and consulting firms, before joining Vanguard Communications in the middle of '90. He has been involved in the voice processing industry since its inception, working with suppliers and with users of these system. With evolving of those technologies, he has focused on contact management, CRM, unified communications and collaboration and relational marketing, bringing together people, processes, and technologies to meet a business goal. Lover of new technologies he is a member of CDTI di Roma since many years. During 2017 he approached blockchain and not satisfied by the proof of work technology based on miners, he started looking for alternative solutions more democratic and effective for business applications. In this reaserch he met on September 2017 Silvio Micali with his Algorand pure proof of stake and he is promoting Algorand among italian end users and developers. He has build up the roman Algorand meetup.

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