Adriana Belotti

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About Me

Adriana Belotti has a background in web development and digital marketing and holds bachelor degrees in English and Applied Computing. She looks after Digital, Projects and Community at Prismatik, a technology consultancy and advisory for tech startups and corporate innovators and is a member of the National Blockchain Roadmap (NBR) Steering Committee, having co-chaired their Cyber Security Working Group. Adriana is also a non-executive board member of Blockchain Australia. In 2018, Adriana launched ‘The Blockchain Pro Podcast’, where she interviews professionals working in the crypto space, discussing what attracted them to work in such an innovative space, the ever evolving blockchain tech landscape and pro tips. She also organises Blockchain Professionals and is former organiser of Bitcoin Sydney, two of the oldest crypto meetups in Australia, having hosted over 150 events since 2014. Adriana hosted Silvio Micali and Steve Kokinos - in partnership with Everblue Capital - at Blockchain Professionals for a 300+ crowd, during the Sydney arm of Algorand's Australian Launch Tour at the end of 2019. She has been a strong supporter of the project ever since. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Adriana lived in New York for two years, before moving to Sydney permanently in 2005.