Adrien L. Beaulieu

Crypto · Distributed Computing · Cryptography · Digital Transformation · blockchain · fintech · Community Building · Code-Free Development · Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development · e-Governance · Dapps · Growth Marketing · AI · UX Design · Product Management

About Me

I have been involved in Tech, Innovation, and entrepreneurship for more than 25 years. I founded or co-founded service-based and product-based companies, a chamber of commerce (China), 12 wine brands (France), a manufacturing workshop (China). I wrote 10+ books (fiction [one on IT sector], non-fiction, movie script), reports, essays. I have been involved in bilateral relations, taught SMEs, MNCs, top execs, and founders about business and cross-cultural communication issues. I have been a startup investor, a mentor, a coach. I helped raise funds, and represented founders to third party investors meetings negotiations. I have lived and built in France, Canada, China, and now in Japan. I love all things EdTech/FinTech, Blockchain, AI/Machine-Deep Learning. I got hooked by blockchain and digital ledger technologies, AI, and Astrophysics related topics, and human life enhancement technologies. I consider my lifelong never-ending learning journey as an existential endeavor and a mission to integrate and share.