Magno Oliveira

  • Imperatriz
blockchain · nature · Algorand

About Me

My name is Magno, I am a crypto enthusiast born in the city of Imperatriz, in the state of Maranhão in Brazil, I started in the world of Cryptocurrencies in 2018, but before that I was already aware of Cryptocurrencies as, I met Bitcoin through a friend's presentation by through faucets, and it was through them that I started to learn and have an interest in the world of Cryptocurrencies! I currently have a group at Telegram on studies of DeFi projects, where we also study not only DeFi, but every subject related to Cryptocurrencies! I got to know Algorand a while ago, and its easy stake without any coin lock cheered me up! the Algorand ecosystem, your love of nature, this caught my attention, because I live in Brazil, and here we have the largest tropical forest in the world, and most of the fresh water in the world! and the Algorand project is also focused on the environment! and as an ambassador for Algorand I want to take the name of Algorand and preach about this incredible project for the entire Brazilian community!