Ralph Kalsi

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About Me

Ralph’s drive for entrepreneurial practice derives from his sporting background, which instilled a deeply ingrained sense of discipline and determination. Ralph was able to adapt these qualities in his professional endeavours as he discovered his passion for business and growth. Ralph’s indomitable nature was evident in his sales role at Sensis where he consistently exceeded expectations, receiving a promotion to F2F in less than 6 months. While working for Telstra, Ralph continued to foster valuable business relationships through his ability to facilitate meaningful business growth. Ralph soon became aware of the unmatched possibilities digital marketing tools could have on business growth. He was one of the first to recognise the shift from print marketing to the digital space, and founded One Stop Media in 2013 to assist businesses in navigating this transition. Ralph was able to see first-hand the enormous benefits digital marketing tools had on the growth and expansion of businesses. This kept him poised to explore the latest in technological development. Ralph revelled in helping clients to achieve their business goals and ultimately to achieve a return on their investments. Ralph continues to provide personalised digital marketing service that has a clear focus on measurable growth and tangible results. Ralph combines creativity and data to provide businesses with a competitive edge. Ralph’s background in business consultancy and digital marketing made him acutely aware of the digitalised landscape and emerging digital eco-systems. As such, when blockchain technology started to emerge, Ralph was able to identify the unparalleled possibilities this technology could have on a range of industries. Ralph quickly became an ardent proponent in blockchain formulation and adoption, specialising in blockchain construction, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies. Ralph founded Blockchain Australia Solutions to provide consulting and enterprise solutions in this emerging space. Since its inception, Blockchain Australia continues to be an innovator in blockchain knowledge and consultancy. Ralph has successfully made his mark on the industry, with meaningful partnerships with globally recognised experts and innovators. As a reputable blockchain specialist, Ralph regularly collaborates with industry professionals and runs workshops for those interested in blockchain technology.